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Our Services

Residential Water Treatment

Water Softeners

From cleaner laundry to softer hair and skin, you’ll enjoy the benefits of soft-water!

Water Filtration

Reverse osmosis systems provide the cleanest, best-tasting water for you and your family.

System Installation

Our expert technicians will take care of your water treatment needs from start to finish.

Service & Repair

Regular maintenance helps your water treatment equipment to run at peak performance.

Replacement Filters

Keep your drinking water fresh with NSF certified replacement filters.

Salt Delivery Program

Have salt directly delivered to your door, and right into your water softener.

Water Testing

We offer free basic water testing with through state certified labs.

Water Coolers

We proudly offer water coolers from Vertex.  We also service most makes and models of water coolers.

We service and repair most makes and models.


The quality of your water matters.

No matter where you are, the quality of your water is essential to your overall health and well-being.  Water is one of the most basic elements of the scientific world, and one of the most primary necessities for human, animal and plant life.  The quality of drinking water makes an enormous difference to the health of the community. At Haven H20, we can provide you with the best drinking water systems for your home and can you the best modern technology in clean drinking water.

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